Inspiring story of people with disability by Sudha Menon and V.R. ferose

Why is it that we often forget to celebrate a very important manifestation of diversity : the diversity of ability?

While the rest of the world has taken great strides in mainstreaming the differently – abled into the larger contours of their society. life continues to be an uphill struggle for the differently – abled in India. They continue to be burdened with their ‘handicapped’ status and live a life on the fringes, largely forgotten by a society which is galloping ahead at a fast pace.

Born ‘different’ from the rest of us, they have been put in a position of disadvantage in a world where being ‘normal’ is at such a premium. Written by the bestselling author of legacy and leading ladies, Sudha Menon, and V.R. Ferose, Senior vice president at SAP and founder of the high – profile Indial Inclusion Summit, Gifted celebrtes the journeys of thesse very Indians who are neither CEOs nor part of any influential power clubs, but are special in their own, unique way.

These are stories that can inspire even the most ‘abled’ among us.


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