Train to Pakistan A Novel by KHUSHWANT SINGH

Read by Kirti Rohilla

KHUSHWANT SINGH is one of India’s most widely read writers and journalists, admired and lambasted in equal measure because of his often irreverent and controversial views. Even his staunchest critics, however, agree that he is never less than eminently readable.

Born in 1915, khushwant Singh made his literary reputation with his very first novel, Train to Pakistan, which was followed by several volumes of short stories and books on contemporary affairs.

His career as top flight journalist began in 1969 as editor of the illustrated weekly of India, followed by stints as editor, new Delhi magazine and the Hindustan Times. Now as a syndicated columnist, his readership is larger than ever before. Arthur lall, Who wrote the introduction, is the author of the emergence of Modern India, published by Columbia University press.

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